Classy Communal Hub


Washington, D.C


StruXure Commercial Direct


Pergola X, Pivot, Bronze Frame w/Bronze Louvers

Classy Communal Hub

What lies in the center of a unique, multi-use Washington, D.C. facility… developed in conjunction with the United States Congress?

StruXure’s Pergola X, of course…

Trellis House is a modern marvel of sustainable, multi-use design. People live, work, and play in this compound in a way other multifamily facilities can only marvel at.

At the center of the buildings inner courtyard sits a multi-zone Pergola X. It offers shade to residents sitting at the bar for a quick drink… while providing just the right amount of sun to those resting poolside.

And the residents and guests all LOVE IT.

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Perhaps your next breakthrough design will bring the indoors out as well…


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