Right Place Right Time


Miami, Florida


Absolute Aluminum


Bronze, Pergola X – Pivot 6 XL

Right Place Right Time

Moxie is a restaurant chain with a proud and long tradition spanning decades…

…but their newest location in Miami just happens to combine classic form and modern function in a way none of their restaurants ever have.

A cantilevered StruXure Pergola X sits above their front patio area along the street. And boy, does it get passers by taking notice… and stopping in.

Then a larger pergola spans over Moxie’s back outdoor seating area. It allows for sun when desired… shelter when the rains fall… and 100% lock-solid resilience whenever hurricane season rolls around.

The result is a stylish, chic outdoor atmosphere that patrons adore… along with a stout construction that’s able to handle whatever Mother Nature sends its way.

You can have a similar unit boosting the status of your establishment too. Simply ask us any question you may have; our team of experts is standing by to help you design your own form-plus-function dream setup.


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