Rooftop Relaxation for Co-eds


Atlanta, GA


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Pergola X, Pivot, Black Frame w/Black Louvers

Rooftop Relaxation for Co-eds

College dormitories–’dorms’–are so passe… Just take a look at Georgia Tech’s 19-floor mixed-use housing development and you’ll see why.

The building boasts a 40,000+ square foot rooftop deck that offers everything from a swimming pool… to outdoor eating and lounging areas… to a movie screen, a concert stage, and more.

And as you might expect, StruXure’s Pergola X plays a pivotal role in bringing the entire deck together.

Students rest and relax under the StruXure after a hard day’s study… (or an easy day spent poolside).

Or maybe the grab a bite to eat, or play a quick game of foosball.

Whatever the activity, StruXure provides an adaptable platform that is a perfect match for this this legitimate multi-use facility.

Are you ready to bring versatility and function to your own residential facility? Whether a dorm or apartment complex (or anything in between), StruXure can help. Our friendly staff are standing by to answer your questions!


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